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Free and Low Cost Wigs - Louise Baker

Everyone knows that the chemotherapy used to treat cancer causes hair loss, but few people realize how expensive good quality wigs are. For cancer patients, who are usually already in serious medical debt, the cost of a wig can simply be too much. Because of this, many organizations hold fundraisers to raise money to donate free wigs to cancer patients in need. Other organizations give discounts to cancer patients who can’t afford the full price of a wig. These organizations know that a wig isn’t a superfluous item for cancer patients but can actually be a way for patients to cope with their hair loss.

The best place to find out about what local organizations help cancer patients attain wigs is a hospital’s oncology department. The doctors, nurses and other staff in oncology departments are trained and educated not only about how to treat cancer itself, but also how to support patients and help them find the services they need. Oncology departments are also often linked directly to the organizations that create, collect and donate wigs. Some hospitals even have their own wig donation service. Here are some of the most active wig collection and donation organizations.

The American Cancer Society

One of the most well known cancer related organizations, the American Cancer Society regularly gives away free wigs to cancer patients. ACS runs wig banks around the country, creating, collecting and distributing wigs to cancer patients in need. The hair product company Pantene has partnered with ACS to collect ponytails donations from healthy women all over the US and use those hair donations to make wigs that can be given to cancer patients. Unlike other more specific organizations, ACS helps all cancer patients regardless of the type of cancer.

Y-Me Breast Cancer Organization

This organization goes beyond free wigs, providing free wig styling tips and a 24 hour hotline for cancer patients. The Y-Me Breast Cancer Organization specifically offers its services to women with limited financial support and gives away approximately 500 wigs every year. As per the name, this organization only assists women who have breast cancer specifically.

Wigs for Kids

The name says it all: patients under 18 can receive a wig free of charge through this child specific organization. Like other organizations, Wigs for Kids depends on hair donations from everyday people to create their wigs. Requesting a wig through Wigs for Kids is as easy as getting online and filling out a request form. Wigs for Kids helps all kids experiencing hair loss, whether it is being caused by chemotherapy, other treatment, or a disease itself.

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